Encontros Científicos

Comunicações em encontros científicos

Barker, Gary (2018), "It's About Manhood: The Impact of Masculinity Norms on Young Men's Health and What to Do About it", comunicação apresentada em Partnership for Male Youth 2018 National Summit on Adolescent and Young Adult Male Health, 07 a 07 de Junho.

Barker, Gary (2014), "Men and Boys for Gender Justice (keynote speaker)", comunicação apresentada em "Second Global MenEngage Symposium: Men and Boys for Gender Justice", New Delhi, 10 a 13 de Novembro.

Barker, Gary (2013), "Getting Men to Care: Why Men's Caregiving Matters for the World", comunicação apresentada em Johannes Rutgers Annual Lecture, Keynote Speaker, Amsterdam.

Barker, Gary (2012), "Engaging Men to Promote Women's and Girls Empowerment", comunicação apresentada em Clinton Global Initiative, ", together with Rwanda President Paul Kagame and UN Women Executive Director Michele Bachelet, Clinton Global Initiative.

Barker, Gary (2011), "Keynote Speaker", comunicação apresentada em Helen Joseph Memorial Lecture, University of Johannesburg.

Barker, Gary (2009), "Keynote Speaker", comunicação apresentada em Global Symposium on Engaging Men and Boys in Gender Equality, Rio de Janeiro.

Barker, Gary (2007), "Keynote speaker, "The role of men and boys in achieving gender equality".", comunicação apresentada em Commission on the Status of Women, Fifty-first session, New York.

Barker, Gary (2004), "Dying to be Men: Young Men, Violence and Exclusion(keynote speakerSocial )", comunicação apresentada em Global Health Council Annual Conference, Washington, DC.

Barker, Gary (2004), "Engaging Men in Sexual and Reproductive Health", comunicação apresentada em Men as Partners in Sexual and Reproductive Health, Mumbai.

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Barker, Gary (2000), "Involving Adolescent Men in HIV/AIDS Prevention", comunicação apresentada em UNAIDS Meeting on Men and HIV/AIDS Presenter, "Involving Adolescent Men in HIV/AIDS Prevention". UNAIDS Meeting on Men and HIV/AIDS, , Bangkok.

Barker, Gary (2000), "Involving Adolescent Men in HIV/AIDS Prevention", comunicação apresentada em UNAIDS Meeting on Men and HIV/AIDSPrevention , Bangkok.

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