MEMOIRS <br>Filhos de Império e Pós-Memórias Europeias

Filhos de Império e Pós-Memórias Europeias

1 de novembro de 2015 a 31 de outubro de 2021
73 meses

MEMOIRS focuses on the intergenerational memories of the children and grandchildren of those involved in the decolonization processes of colonies held by France, Portugal and Belgium. Through interviews of this second and third generation, and a comparative analysis of the cultures influenced by the postmemory of the colonial wars and the end of empire, Europe's postcolonial heritage will be reinterrogated, and a new understanding of the contemporary continent will be developed. At the heart of the action is a desire to comprehend the effects of Europe's postimperial diversity through postmemories of colonial praxis.
The project is interdisciplinary, bringing together specialists from literary and cultural studies, history, sociology and migration studies.


MEMOIRS aims to maximize the impact of its findings through broad web, open-access publications and an itinerant artistic exhibit that captures multiple aspects of the representations of postmemory, and fosters a meaningful North-South dialogue.

postcolonial europe, intergenerational memories, postmemories, representations, identities, north-south dialogue
European Research Council