CES Summer School

Technology, Big Data and International Relations

28 June - 2 July, 2021



Debates on technology and power are not unprecedented in the field of International Relations. However, the way both interact in today’s digital era holds challenging configurations for both the practice and the study of International Relations. Drawing on different interdisciplinary contributions, this Summer School aims to critically explore the epistemological and methodological possibilities big data and the Internet of things (IoT) bring to IR while questioning how far the technology that allowed the advent of these has been revolutionizing the world we live and how research in IR is concurrently going through an epistemological, (de)ontological, methodological and ethical shift.  

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Coordination Committee
Maria Raquel Freire and Sofia José Santos (CES/FEUC - University of Coimbra)

Keynote Speakers
Stefania Milan, University of Amsterdam
Tommaso Venturini, Sciences Po Paris

Teaching Team
Alexandre de Sousa Carvalho, University of Coimbra
André Barrinha, University of Bath
Benjamin Farrand, University of Newcastle
Bia Carneiro, University of Coimbra
Britt Paris, Rutgers University
Catarina Maçãs, University of Coimbra
Daniela Nascimento, University of Coimbra
Inês Amaral, University of Coimbra
Jesús Sabariego, University of Seville
Lika Tsuladze, Tbilisi State University
Maria Raquel Freire, University of Coimbra
Oscar Hemer, Mälmo University
Simukai Chiguduand, Oxford University [to be confirmed] 
Sofia José Santos, University of Coimbra 
Tanya Lokot, Dublin City University
Teresa Almeida Cravo, University of Coimbra
Thomas Tufte, Loughborough University
Tiago Lapa, ISCTE-IUL 
Tina Askanius, Mälmo University

Relevant dates:
12h (GMT+1) April 30th: Deadline for submitting your application
30th April 2021: Announcement of selected candidates
Until 10th May 2021: Early bird registration and payment
Until 30th May 2021: Regular registration and payment

Early bird fee: 150€
Regular fee: 180€