This PhD programme is biennial.
A new edition should take place in 2019/2020 with applications opening in the 1st quarter of 2019.


2017/2018 edition

Who can apply? | Submission of applications | Evaluation criteria | Tuition fee

Who can apply?

a) holders of a master's degree or legal equivalent;
b) holders of a bachelor's degree with a particularly relevant academic or scientific curriculum acknowledged by IIIUC's Scientific Council as providing the skills for attending the current study cycle;
c) holders of a school, scientific or professional curriculum recognized by IIIUC's Scientific Council as providing the skills for attending the current study cycle.
The recognition mentioned in points b) and c) only allows access to a study cycle conducting to a doctoral degree, and does not entitle its holder any equivalence to a bachelor's or master's degree or a recognition thereof.

Available places: 15

Submission of applications

Applications must be exclusively submitted to Inforestudante
Instructions available here
1. Click: Academic service - Applications
2. Click: New application
3. Select: Study cycle: 3rd cycle
4. Select: Organic Unit: Institute for Interdisciplinary Research
5. Select: Course: PhD in Human Rights in Contemporary Societies
6. Select: Regime: 3rd cycle course

Required documentation

- Letter of Intent, justifying the interest in the doctoral programme - 1.000 words max. (Mandatory);
- Two reference letters (Mandatory);
- Curriculum Vitae, Europass template – available at (Mandatory);
- Copy of identity card, citizen’s card or passport (Mandatory);
- Certificate of undergraduate and/or master’s degree, when applicable, stating the degree’s final average (Mandatory, except for former UC students);
- Workload and programmatic contents on completed curricular units of the degree taken (Mandatory for accreditation or evaluation purposes, except if the degree taken in the same Faculty);
- Certificate of approval on completed curricular units and correspondent final grades (Mandatory for accreditation or evaluation purposes, except for former UC students);
- Theme proposal: an abstract in English (the core issues with a rough outline) of the research he/she wants to undertake for his/her PhD thesis 1,500 words max. (Mandatory).

Original documents need to be submitted to Academic Management Services by 31 December if you are accept on the PhD programme you applied for.
In case of Non-EU Institutions these documents should be certified by the Portuguese embassy or consulate in the student's native country or by Apostille Convention.
Documents written in other language than Portuguese, Spanish, French or English must be translated into one of the four languages mentioned by a translator certified by the Portuguese Diplomatic representative.

Evaluation criteria

1. Scientific and academic Merit of the candidate (6/20):
a) Bachelor's Final Rating (3/20);
b) Other Academic Diplomas, Masters and language skills in English (3/20).
2. Profile of the candidate (6/20):
a) Publications and other outputs (research) (3/20);
b) Relevant experience (professional or activism) (3/20).
3. Merit of the research project (8/20):
a) Research project adequacy for the objectives of the Doctoral Program (4/20);
b) Originality and relevance of the research project (4/20).

Grading is based on a scale of 0 to 20. A grade of 9,5 is required to be accepted in each criteria.

Tuition fee: 2.000 Euros (annual)

Part-time registration: Admits (Thesis only)

More Information

- Application fee (50 euros) is not non-refundable.
- Online applications at:
- Applicant Support Services:; e-mail; phone 239247195 (from 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm)