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Electoral Processes: Through the Lenses of International Electoral Assistance

Sead Alihodzic (International IDEA)

16 de novembro de 2018, 10h00

Sala 1, CES | Alta


Opening session of the Electoral Observation Advanced Training Course.

This session will provide insights into the evolution of electoral assistance institutions and methods. It introduces the Electoral Cycle Approach and lessons learned between 2006-20018, pointing to the contemporary risks to electoral processes and presenting key conclusions.  

Nota biográfica

Sead Alihodzic is a Senior Programme Officer in the Electoral Processes Programme, at International IDEA. 

Alihodzic’s research and work focuses on elections and conflict, with a special emphasis or interest on prevention and mitigation of election-related violence and risk management in elections, and timing and sequencing of transitional elections.

Alihodzic led the design and development of International IDEA’s Electoral Risk Management Tool. In addition to International IDEA publications, he published several journal articles on electoral violence, early warning and democracy promotion topics.

Prior to joining International IDEA in 2008, Alihodzic gained extensive experience in dealing with elections, post-conflict democratization, and security issues through 11 years with the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina where he performed Programme Officer and Head of Field Office duties.

In 2007, Alihodzic was awarded the UK government’s Chevening scholarship. He also received two awards for achievements and service in the OSCE. 

Recent International IDEA guides published:

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The Guide on Factors of Election-related Violence External to Electoral Processes

The Guide on Action Points for the Prevention and Mitigation of Election-related Violence


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