Aula Inaugural dos Programas de Doutoramento CES

'A BLAZE of FREEDOM’ before reality bites back. Recalling the Red Carnation Revolution, Portugal, April 25th, 1974

Lynne Segal (Birkbeck College)

15 de outubro de 2014, 09h30

Auditório, Faculdade de Economia da Universidade de Coimbra

Nota biográfica

Lynne Segal - Australian-born, British-based socialist feminist academic and activist, author of many books and articles, and participant in many campaigns, from local community to international. She has taught in higher education in London, UK since 1970, at Middlesex Polytechnic from 1973. In 1999 she was appointed Anniversary Professor of Psychology and Gender Studies at Birkbeck, University of London, where she now works in the School of Psychosocial Studies.

Her teaching and research interests began with introducing feminist thought, psychoanalytic reflection, social and cultural location into a critique of mainstream Psychology, later adding critical theory when looking at the intersections between Psychology and other branches of knowledge. Her major publications have been in the area of in feminist theory and politics, shifting understandings of femininity, masculinity and sexuality, alongside more recent work on attachments, belongings, the work of memory, social conflict and, most recently, the psychic paradoxes of ageing.

Amongst other books, she is the author of

• Segal, L (1994) Straight Sex: The Politics of Pleasure, Virago Press; California Univ Press (Winner of Women and Psychogy Prize (USA).

• Segal, L (1999) Why Feminism? Gender, Psychology, Politics; Columbia Univ. Press

• Segal, L (1997) New Sexual Agendas, London, McMillan; New York, New York Un Univ. Press.

• Segal, L. (2007) Making Trouble: Life and Politics, London, Serpents Tail.

• Segal, L (2013, forthcoming) Out of Time: The Pleasures and Perils Ageing, London and New York, Verso Books.