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Radicalizing Female Empowerment: Examining Gender and Agency in ISIS Propaganda / 'We Have to Be There... or Do We?' US Foreign Policy and Human Rights Promotion

Bidisha Biswas (Western Washington University)

4 de outubro de 2019, 10h30 | 14h00

Sala Keynes, Faculdade de Economia da UC

Nota biográfica

Bidisha Biswas is Professor of Political Science at Western Washington University in the United States. She previously served as a policy advisor to the United States Department of State, and has worked at the Center for Strategic and International Studies and the Wilson Center in Washington, DC. At present, Bidisha is a Fulbright Scholar at Instituto de Ciências Sociais da Universidade de Lisboa.

Bidisha’s research areas are international security, terrorism and counter-terrorism, and refugee governance. Her work has been published in a number of journals, including Small Wars and Insurgencies, Journal of Conflict Resolution, Civil Wars, Nationalism and Ethnic Politics, Terrorism and Political Violence, International Negotiation, and PS: Political Science and Politics. Her published books are Managing Conflicts in India: Policies of Coercion and Accommodation (2014, Rowman and Littlefield) and Indian Immigrant Women and Work: The American Experience (2016, Routledge).

Bidisha obtained her PhD in Government and Politics from the University of Maryland, College Park in 2006. She may be contacted at