Seminário aberto

The Politics of Place of Caribbean Art

Carlos Garrido Castellano (Centro de Estudos Comparatistas, FLUL)

24 de abril de 2015, 14h00

Sala CA3, Colégio das Artes da UC


Caribbean visual creativity has often been read in terms of representation and specificity; in the last two decades, however, Caribbean art has escaped the lure of “narrating” the regional in order to become a critical arena overlapping the cultural politics of an expended landscape. In that sense, instead of reading, reflecting on, an existing context, art has generated a specific location that pays attention to the politics of reception and consumerism of cultural practices and to the problems of accessibility and distribution of information and participation in the public sphere.


Nota biográfica

Carlos Garrido Castellano is FCT Post-Doctoral Fellowship at the Center of Comparative Studies of the University of Lisbon (Portugal). He is specialist in Caribbean and African Art. He has done long term research stays in countries like India, Serbia, Jamaica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Trinidad Tobago, Puerto Rico and United States, and has collaborated with different national and international academic journals such as Third Text, Travessia or Small Axe. He is author of two books on contemporary Caribbean art and curatorial practices. He has been member of several research projects linked to Caribbean and Latin American studies. He has curated exhibitions of Caribbean artists, and coordinated special issues and conferences on Caribbean art. He is member of AICA South Caribbean. Within the last years he is focusing on issues related to participation, community and cosmopolitanism.


Atividade no âmbito do Programa de Doutoramento em Estudos Americanos (em cooganização com Doutoramento em Arte Contemporânea AC)