Outras atividades

2014-2015 - Volunteer Researcher (Amnesty International, Brazil). Research for the "Jovem Negro Vivo" (Black Youth Alive) Campaign. Part of my work was to outline the strategies in the mobilization of society regarding the violence that affects young people, especially young blacks, including the formulation of strategies to reduce police lethality. As the result, the Amnesty International Brazil published a Report about extrajudicial executions at the hands of police officials in the city of Rio de Janeiro, leveraging a massive media campaign to sensitize people to this problem.

2014 - Distance Learning Teacher (Secretariat of Policies for Women, and the Brazilian Institute of Municipal Administration). Tutoring in the Course "Democracy and Gender", a women's capacity building (manager, advisory, technical, councilors and others, related to rights promotion bodies and policies for women) in the realm of "Public Policies and Local Government", "Human Rights and Social Inequalities" and "Gender, Political Representation and Participation".

2013 - Content reviser (Secretariat of Policies for Women, and the Brazilian Institute of Municipal Administration). Content reviser for the "Training Program on Democracy and Gender" for the Women's Economic Autonomy Section

2010-2011 - Research support on "Strategic Environmental Assessment of the National Program of Tourism Development". (Brazilian Institute of Municipal Administration-IBAM/Federal Government-Ministry of Tourism/Rio de Janeiro Local Government/Interamerican Development Bank-IDB).

2010 - Research and Reporting (Se Essa Rua Fosse Minha (SER) Institution, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil). Research and report development for the Project "Protecting lives of homeless Children and Youth on HIV/AIDS", for "Se essa rua fosse minha/EXCOLA/Rede Rio Criança/UNICEF/UNAIDS".

2009 - Researcher (Fundação Getúlio Vargas-FGV, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil). Analyses for the Project "Social determinants of Health: inequalities in the access and use of the services of public health"