Eleonora Gea Piccardi

Nota biográfica

PhD student in the program "Democracy in the 21st century" at Centro de Estudos Sociais (University of Coimbra). She graduated in Political Philosophy at the University of Roma Tre (Rome, Italy) with a final thesis entitled "Production and reproduction: a feminist critique to the theory of value". She works on the Kurdish revolution now ongoing in Rojava (the Democratic Confederation of Northern Syria) using materialist (eco)feminism and social ecology as the main theoretical framework. With a decolonial perspective the research tries to analyze how non-Western experiences of social organization and political praxis can challenge the dominant Eurocentric vision on women liberation, ecology and democracy. She is part of internationalists networks and cultural projects in solidarity with Zapatista Movement and Kurdish Movement (elementikairos.org) and she works in the editorial board of the feminist on-line review IAPh Italia (International Association of Philosophers). At CES she is part of EcoSoc, Oficina de Ecologia e Sociedade. She has participated with Participedia project with a page about the Escuelita Zapatista.