Complexity and change: thinking, practices and processes for addressing global challenges 

5 - 9 September 2022


Submissions of contributing oral and poster presentations

The conference accepts both Oral and Poster Presentations that make theoretical, empirical or practical contributions towards addressing each of its key challenges:
Being and Thinking Together (in) Complexity
Knowing Together: Grasping the Complexity of the World
Living Together:  Peace and Communities of Well-Being
Learning and Teaching Together
Changing and Acting Together

Applicants must submit the application form attaching an abstract (max 300 words). The abstract should contain the name of the first author, as following: Abstract_your last name_your first name.

The abstract should be submitted in a pdf or word document (max. 500 words). In the same document include also:
_On the running head write ORAL or POSTER PRESENTATION accordingly, and indicate the title of the Key challenge that the contribution addresses, choosing only one;
_Name of all authors of the work (the name of the presenting author, which is also the registered participant in the Conference, should be underlined);
_ Title;
_3 to 4 key-words;
_2 to 3 key bibliographic references.

Application form