Career Development: Is there life after a PhD?

Anna Blurtsyan (CES)

13 de dezembro de 2017, 10h00-12h30

Sala 1, CES | Alta


This workshop is included in CASPIAN network events and it aims to present the research developed by the CES postdoctoral fellow Anna Blurtsyan. It is presented as the kick-off for  Academic Writing: from frustration to construction Session/Module 2  of the Publish-do-not-Perish: survive the stampede series.

Registration is free, but mandatory

Nota biográfica

Anna Blurtsyan
- BA and first MA degrees were in Psychology, at the Yerevan State University in Armenia. The MA included a dissertation on self-consciousness in ancient Greek tragedies (Sophocles, Oedipus the King and Antigone) and her study of ancient Greek culture was further developed in the MA programme she followed at the University of Exeter, on ancient drama in its social and intellectual context

Her teaching has covered introduction to psychology, key learning and study skills (in Morocco) and ancient Roman and Etruscan culture (in Italy). The research project (funded by Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation) she is currently conducting at CES Coimbra is on 'The aesthetics of praxis and of the idle', a study of 20th century Armenian culture, with current focus on literature. Her starting point is the shift from the industrialisation of Armenia in the Soviet era to its decline and the unemployment and economic uncertainties of the post-Soviet period. She proposes to approach this topic through the literature, art and other cultural models and symbols of the period. This offers a prospect of exploring this shift as one of culture and mentality as well as socio-economic activity.