Seminário Internacional

The role of communication within social emancipation processes. Imaginaries, theorisations and social practices

6 de abril de 2016, 10h00

Sala 1, CES-Coimbra


Communication Theory has been historically dominated by an "imaginary transmitter" that is grounded on both a colonial perspective and an epistemology of the "North", which post-colonialist authors like Boaventura Sousa Santos have critically analyzed and deconstructed. In this line, and within Communication Theory, it has been mainly the "Latin America communication research line" ​​(e.g. Paulo Freire, Juan Díaz Bordenave, Luis Ramiro Beltrán) which, since the 1970s, has subjected western and capitalist ways of understanding communication to criticism, and propose an approach towards communication which establishes strong relationships with the processes of maintenance and transformation of societies. Within this communication perspective and proposal that emerged from the (epistemological) South, community media became an archetypal example. In the current context of paradigmatic debates in communication theory, where the “epistemologies of the South” play a key role, this seminar intends to discuss these theoretical and analytical proposals and challenges with researchers and social organizations that provide transformative ideas and practices to think communication both at theoretical and practical levels and inform new research and intervention agendas.

Coordenação Científica: Projeto ALICE - Espelhos estranhos, lições imprevistas: definindo para a Europa um novo modo de partilhar as experiências do mundo, Sofia José Santos e Vítor Manuel Marí, com a colaboração do projecto "Evaluación y monitorización de la Comunicación para el Desarrollo y el Cambio Social en España", Proyecto de I+D del MINECO (Ministerio de Economía, Ciencia y Competitividad de España) EvalComDev (CSO2014-52005-R) (2015-2017)