Mapping the urban experience: a decription of stratifying remnants and memories

Lorenzo Tripodi (Arquiteto)

27 de maio de 2014, 14h00

Sala T2, Departamento de Arquitetura da Universidade de Coimbra

Resumo/Nota biográfica

Lorenzo Tripodi,
architect, PhD in Urban, Regional and Environmental Design, works as an independent researcher in urban and media studies. He is founder with Laura Colini of TESSERAE Urban Social Research in Berlin. His main topics are conflicts and transformation of public space, image production processes in the urban economy, sustainable urban development, modernism and urban peripheries, new media and participatory practices for planning. Develops a parallel career as filmmaker with Ogino:knauss, art collective dealing with experimental audiovisual research, authoring under this signature films, installations and performances with a strong accent on urban topics. Recent projects include:

Re:centering Periphery, a interdisciplinary multiplatform investigation on the urban environment produced by the modernist ideology and the everyday life practices inhabiting and transforming global peripheries; the main outcomes of the project are the documentary films Dom Novogo Byta – Moscow Imagined and Built Landscapes (45’ Col., HDV 2013) and Doble Forza (30’ Col., DV 2008), awarded as the Best International Documentary at the 2nd Istanbul Architecture and Urban Film Festival; prize of the Jury at the 2nd Documenta Film Fest, Sezze, IT.

Among his publications:

“Exercises in Urban Reconnaissance. An Attempt at a Rhythmanalytical Approach to the Urban”, Paper presented at the Mn’M-Urban Intensities conference at Keio University, Tokyo, in course of publication.

“The Productive Gaze”, in Research in Urban Sociology, vol.11 - 2011 (also editor of the volume)

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“Space of Exposure: Notes for a Vertical Urbanism”, in Gleiter J., Korrek., Zimmermann G., (Hrsg.) Die Realität des Imaginären , Weimar: Verlag des Bauhaus-Universität 2008

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