Archaeology of Practices of Philosophy in Africa

Valentin Y. Mudimbe (Duke University)

18 de junho de 2013, 15h30

Sala 1, CES-Coimbra

Nota biográfica

V.Y. Mudimbe is a philosopher, professor, and author of books and articles about African culture, poems, and novels. He is currently the Newman Ivey White Professor of Literature at Duke University. His research focuses most closely on phenomenology, structuralism, mythical narratives, and the practice and use of language. Among his most important work are The Invention of Africa (1988) and the The Idea of Africa (1994).

Nota: Atividade no âmbito dos projetos  "ALICE - Strange Mirrors, Unsuspected Lessons: Leading Europe to a new way of sharing the world experiences", "«Os Comprometidos»: questionando o futuro do passado em Moçambique", do Programa de Doutoramento "Pós-Colonialismos e Cidadania Global"  e do Núcleo de Estudos sobre Democracia, Cidadania e Direito (DECIDe)