Atividades anteriores e situação atual em termos científicos e profissionais

2016-02-01 a 2017-09-01 - Working in a research group, rated as 'Excellent' by the national funding agency (FCT), this position involved my active collaboration with a multidisciplinary team of researchers to promote sustainable regional development through tourism. I contributed to an EU project called SPLACH, focusing on the cultural dimensions of tourism, intangible heritage and festivals and social inclusion through urban tourism. Qualitative methodologies and analysis are my chosen way of finding out what can be known about the world, and I also interpret quantitative data. During this position, I worked independently and in a team, writing articles on entrepreneurship and gender in tourism labour for peer-reviewed academic journals and books. I presented at international conferences and gave seminars/lectures on ecotourism, gender and tourism labour and qualitative methodology to PhD students. Together with other researchers I efficiently helped organise scientific events, such as a monthly seminar series and larger events such as the INVTUR'17 conference- an international tourism conference with over 400 participants held in May 2017. I was the main person responsible for organising the first INVUR 2017 PhD Workshop which featured interactive workshops and multiple mentor sessions. I also wrote project proposals for EU, EEA and national funding opportunities.

2014-04-01 a 2016-01-31 - Research Fellow Tourism Department, Aveiro University, Portugal Working in a team of researchers, I conducted qualitative research and analysis as part of an FCT-funded project on the role of gender in tourism labour (, focusing on aspects of management, recruitment, the pay gap, economic innovation, internationalisation and networking in Portugal. In this role, I also wrote reports for the funding body, articles for academic peer-reviewed journals, presented at international conferences, organised scientific meetings (e.g. the Gentour International Forum in May 2015) and wrote project proposals for EU, EEA and national funding opportunities. I also maintained the project's website and social media site up-to-date.

2007-09-01 a 2011-09-01 - Business Manager Vector Partners, Athens, Greece In this position as business manager, I ensured the smooth-running of business-related matters, such as tracking employees' holidays, expenses and salaries and acting as a point of reference for the partners/consultants. The position entailed creating PowerPoint presentations, filing, office logistics and dealing with accounting issues. I also organised all travel and accommodation aspects of international meetings, maintained partners' calendars and updated the company website.

2007-01-01 a 2007-06-30 - Ecotourism Consultant, Athens, Greece Working as ecotourism consultant at this international internet-based company, I provided consultation on matters regarding eco-marketing and updating various website features. Co-ordination of the members' forum and writing articles for the monthly newsletter were also part of my tasks. (6-month contract).

2006-05-01 a 2008-09-01 - Conference Project Manager MeetingPlanner, Athens, Greece Acting as project manager for large conferences creating website texts, securing funding from sponsors and negotiating rates with hotels and conference venues as well as planning social events. In May 2006 and June 2007, I was an on-site project manager for 1500- and 1000-person conferences respectively.

Outras atividades

2014-11-30 - Associate Member of ´Equality in Tourism´ (