Alexandre de Sousa Carvalho


Alexandre de Sousa Carvalho is a researcher at DeCode/M, where he facilitates the thematic area "Populism and Extreme Masculinities", and actively participates in the core study, "Me Too" and "Fatherhood, Household Roles and Caregiving". He also contributes to the communications and outreach strategy. He has been a Guest Assistant Lecturer at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Coimbra since February 2017, where he has been lecturing at undergraduate and graduate programmes in International Relations, Development, Peace and Security Studies. He is a PhD Candidate in Political Science at ISCTE-IUL in Lisbon and holds a Master's degree in African Peace and Conflict Studies from the University of Bradford, UK, and a Bachelor's degree in International Relations from the University of Coimbra in Portugal. Alexandre has over 10 years of combined research and consulting experience in academic research centres and think-tanks, governmental agencies and non-governmental organizations, and as a consultant or expert in over 30 reports of commissioned research for international development agencies and European Commission departments. His areas of expertise lie in peace and security studies; power-sharing studies; political science and populism; international cooperation; gender equality; foreign policy and international organizations.

Latest Publications

Book Chapter

Santos, Sofia José; De Sousa Carvalho, Alexandre (2020), Media e Masculinidades, in Rita Santos e Tiago Rolino (org.), Manual de Promoção de Igualdade de Género e de Masculinidades Não-Violentas EquiX. Coimbra: Centro de Estudos Sociais e Promundo-Portugal, 121-137

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Article in Scientific journal

Santos, Sofia José; Carvalho, Alexandre de Sousa (2018), "Violência cultural, masculinidades e publicidade", Organicom, 15, 28, 206-222

Book Chapter

Carvalho, Alexandre de Sousa; Santos, Sofia José (2017), A Internet como Espaço Económico e de Segurança, in Luís Moita e Luís Valença Pinto (org.), Espaços Económicos e Espaços de Segurança. Lisboa:, in Luís Moita, Luís Valença Pinto (org.), Espaços Económicos e Espaços de Segurança. Lisboa: OBSERVARE - Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa, 693-726