Rita Campos


Researcher from the Centre for Social Studies from the University of Coimbra (CES-UC), member of the Thematic Line Risk(s), Ecologies, Health, of the Workshop of Ecology and Society (ECOSOC), and of the Observatory for Education and Training Policies (OP.Edu), and co-coordinator of the Methodologies Series "Wheel of Knowledge" and of the Working Group on Citizen Science and Education (CC.Edu). Has a PhD in Biology from the University of Porto, on evolutionary biology and population genetics. Since 2009 is interested in the areas of Science Communication and Non-formal Science Education, and working exclusively on these areas since 2016. Her current research interests are centred in the study and production of science communication, active learning and public engagement in and with science (citizen science) tools about the relations between biodiversity and human health, interlinks between systems (natural, social, cultural…) and (environmental) sustainability. She is interested in interdisciplinary approaches and methodologies that enhance the inclusion and participation of the publics, such as context-based education or the visual methodologies, and in mixed methods of evaluation of the produced tools. Maintains regular collaboration with national and international institutions (CIBIO-InBIO, Science Museum of the UC, COI, UFRN). Her work has earned national and international recognition, notably the Distinction Award by the Casa das Ciências (House of Sciences) and the Fresh Ideas Scheme pass by ECSITE.

Latest Publications


Campos, Rita; Melo-Ferreira, José (2022), Mudar ou não mudar? A evolução da camuflagem sazonal e as alterações climáticas.. Porto, Portugal: CIBIO-InBIO-BIOPOLIS

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Book Chapter

Campos, Rita (2022), (Re)Pensar as cidades pelas lentes das crianças, in Marcia Aparecida Gobbi, Cleriston Izidro dos Anjos, Eunice Castro Seixas, Catarina Tomás (org.), O direito das crianças à cidade: perspectivas desde o Brasil e Portugal. São Paulo, Brasil: Universidade de São Paulo. Fac. de Educação., 90-96

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Article in Scientific journal

Campos, Rita (2022), "Including younger children in science-related issues using participatory and collaborative strategies: a pilot project on urban biodiversity", Journal of Science Communication, 21, 02, N07

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