Scientific Events

Organisation of scientific events

Organization of Panel on Ecologia Critica, International Seminar on Environment and Society, Lisbon, , ISS-Lisbon, Lisbon, , 03 to 03 March by 2020.

Member of the Organizing Committee of Food justice and the peasant question in Europe, CES, 22 to 22 January by 2020 (com Velicu, Irina Barca, Stefania).

Organization of Food Justice: Micropolitics , CES, UC, 14 to 14 December by 2018.

Organization of CES Political Ecology Reading Group: Paper presentation and debate, "Prospective Environmental (In)Justice",, University of Coimbra, 15 to 15 June by 2016.

Organization of Entitle International Conference on Political Ecology, "Undisciplined Environments", Stockholm, Sweden, 20 to 24 March by 2016.

Organization of, University of Coimbra, 26 May 2015.

Organization of Panel on Research and Activism, Entitle Intensive Course on Research for Civil Society, Center for the Documentation of Environmental Conflicts, Rome, IT, 21 to 21 December by 2014.

Organization of Workshop on ReCommoning Democracy, , University of Coimbra, 16 to 16 October by 2014.

Presentations in scientific events

Velicu, Irina (2020), "`From Peasants to Urban Workers and Back: Debating Agro - Ecology As Socio-Environmental Justice in Romania´", paper presented at International Seminar on Environment and Society, ISS-Lisbon, Lisbon, 02 to 03 March.

Velicu, Irina (2020), "Food Justice and the Peasant Question in Europe", paper presented at Ecosoc Reading Groups, CES UC, 22 to 22 January.

Velicu, Irina (2019), "Commons and Borders", paper presented at Borders, CES UC, 11 to 11 December.

Velicu, Irina (2019), "JustFood: From AFNs to Socio-Environmental Justice", paper presented at Ciclo de conversas: Inovação social e empreendedorismo social e solidário, FEUC UC, 15 to 15 November.

Velicu, Irina (2019), "Political Ecology in Eastern Europe", paper presented at Revisiting Environmental Justice: Lessons from Romania and Bulgaria, Institute of Social Ecology Vienna, 14 to 14 November.

Velicu, Irina (2019), "Undoing Socio-Environmental Justice", paper presented at Face à vulnerabilidade da vida: criatividade social e novas compreensões do ser humano, CES UC, 14 to 14 November.

Velicu, Irina (2019), "From ´Peasants´ to ´Workers´ and Back? Debating Agro-ecology as Socio-Environmental Justice ", paper presented at As múltiplas faces do Antropoceno: política, agência e crise ontológica, CES UC, 30 to 30 October.

Velicu, Irina (2019), "Book discussion «Towards a political economy of degrowth»", paper presented at «Towards a political economy of degrowth», 29 to 29 October.

Velicu, Irina (2019), "The convergences of two movements, food sovereignty and justice, as theories in praxis", paper presented at Pensar a comida, pensar o mundo, 13 to 13 May.

Velicu, Irina (2018), "Polenta and Cyanide: Reflections on Food Justice", paper presented at Environmental Humanities conference, "(Um)weltschmerz: An exercise in humility and melancholia", Rachel Carson Centre, Munich, Germany., Germany, Rachel Carson Institute, 17 to 18 October.

Velicu, Irina (2018), "Minor Majorities: Addressing democracy in EJ Theory", paper presented at Summer school of political ecology (Centre for Political Theory, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia), Slovenia, 04 to 05 September.

Velicu, Irina (2017), "Degrowthing Environmental Justice: Insights from Anti-mining Struggles in Romania and Bulgaria", paper presented at Post-Socialist/Post-Colonial Rurality, Bistrita, Romania, 10 to 12 August.

Velicu, Irina (2017), "Desiring Limits or How Might Earth Live", paper presented at American Association for Geographers (AAG), Boston, 05 to 09 April.

Velicu, Irina (2016), ""Prospective Environmental Injustice, The Struggles to Stop Gold-mining in Romania and Bulgaria"", paper presented at Graduate seminars, Department of Environment and Planning, University of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras, San Juan, Puerto Rico, USA, 30 to 30 November.

Velicu, Irina (2016), ""Injusticia ambiental prospectiva: La lucha para detener la minería de oro en Rumania y Bulgaria", paper presented at III Congreso de la Sociedad Mesoamericana de Economía Ecológica (COSMEE), , Universidad de Puerto Rico, Mayagüez, 14 to 18 November.

Velicu, Irina (2016), ""Performing Commons' Senses"", paper presented at Undisciplined Environments, Entitle International Confererence, Stockholm, Sweden, 20 to 24 March.

Velicu, Irina (2015), "Lectures in Political Ecology", paper presented at Environmental Policies MA course, National School of Political and Administrative Sciences, Romania. , 03 April 27 May.

Velicu, Irina (2014), "THE 'I' and the 'We' - On Non-foundational Solidarities through Post-colonial/communist Gendering", paper presented at International Conference "Material Maters In Times of Crisis Capitalism: Transnational Feminism and Decolonial Approaches, Institute of Sociology, Justus-Liebig University, Giessen, Germany, 13 to 15 November.

Velicu, Irina (2014), "The Post-communist Continuous Crisis and the Wake-up Call of Rosia Montana", paper presented at International Conference on Degrowth, , University of Leibzig, 02 to 06 September.

Velicu, Irina (2014), "Undoing Justice: The Case of Anti-mining in Rosia Montana", paper presented at Mining, Law and Equity Workshop, , SOAS, University of London, , 19 to 19 May.

Velicu, Irina (2014), ""Mining Post-communism, Rethinking Justice"", paper presented at Environmental Justice Workshop, , University of Coimbra, , 24 to 24 April.