Irina Velicu


Irina Velicu is a Researchers working on socio-environmental conflicts in post-communist Europe at the Center for Social Studies, University of Coimbra, Portugal. She is currently the Principle Investigator of the JustFood FCT project, expanding her work by looking at food justice. Dr. Velicu is a member of the POSTRADE nucleus and of ECOSOC, looking at the intersections of social and environmental justice. She holds a PhD in Political Science from the University of Hawaii (USA) and an MA in International Studies from the University of Warwick (UK). Her work has received funding from national and international research organisations (including the EU-FCT, Marie Curie, Chevening Dr. Velicu worked as a Marie Curie Experienced Researcher within the ENTITLE European Network of Political Ecology. Her recent publications can be found in Environmental Politics, Theory, Culture and Society, Ecological Economics, Geoforum, New Political Science, Globalizations.

Latest Publications


Velicu, Irina; Ogrezeanu, Andreea (orgs.) (2022), Peasants as Producers of Food, Collection of Testimonies from Romania and Portugal (2019-2021). open access book in RO

Book Chapter

Velicu, Irina (2022), De camponeses a trabalhadores e vice-versa? Debatendo a centralidade do trabalho na alimentação em Portugal e na Roménia, in Branco, P., Catalan M, & Trentini Flavia (org.), Direito e Comida. Forum press

Book Chapter

Velicu, Irina (2022), The Peasant Way: Reflecting on the Political Logic of the Food Sovereignty Movement, in Maria Kaika, Roger Keil, Tait Mandler, Yannis Tzaninis (org.), Urban Political Ecology: beyond the Urbanization of Nature Thesis