Scientific Events

Organisation of scientific events

Organization of 2nd Critical Economics Summer School "Environmental Values and Public Policies", Lousa , 12 to 15 July by 2011.

Organization of Special Session "Decision-making on megaprojects: contested numbers, contested democracy" , ESEE Conference, Istanbul , 14 to 17 June by 2011.

Organization of BECOM Seminar - What does intergenerational justice require, substantively and procedurally?, CES-Lisboa, 08 to 08 November by 2010.

Organization of Special Session and Public Decision » in the International Conference The Revival of Political Economy: prospects for sustainable provision" , Coimbra, 21 to 23 October by 2010.

Presentations in scientific events

Centemeri, Laura (2011), "Les conflits sur l'extension de l'aéroport de Malpensa (Milan, Italie): décision publique, expertise et incommensurabilité(s) ", paper presented at SOCIOCIRAD, CIRAD, Montpellier (France), 03 to 03 October.

Centemeri, Laura (2011), "Crise écologique et dynamique locale. Un avenir pour les métiers du social ?", paper presented at 4ème congrès de l'Association Internationale pour la Formation, la Recherche et l'Intervention Sociale (AIFRIS), Genève, 05 to 08 July.

Centemeri, Laura (2011), "A "bad" or a "well" thought out airport? Expertise and "necessity" in the controversy over Malpensa expansion ", paper presented at ESEE 2011 - 9th Conference of the European Society for Ecological Economics, Istanbul, 14 to 17 June.

Centemeri, Laura (2011), "Les conflits sur l'extension de l'aéroport de Malpensa : expertise, nécessité, alternative. ", paper presented at Seminar "De l'alerte au conflit, la sociologie argumentative et la balistique des causes collectives", EHESS, Paris (France), 20 to 20 May.

Centemeri, Laura (2010), "Régimes d'engagement et incommensurabilité(s)", paper presented at Séminaire del'EHESS "Sociologie des engagements: pouvoirs et oppressions", EHESS, Paris, 29 to 29 November.

Centemeri, Laura (2010), "Incommensurability: an object for social sciences? ", paper presented at The Revival of Political Economy: prospects for sustainable provision, Coimbra, 21 to 23 October.

Centemeri, Laura (2010), "Analyzing communities response to disasters: historicity, controversies and realism", paper presented at International Symposium Disaster and risk: from empiricism to criticism, CERI, Sciences Po, Paris, 17 to 18 June.

Centemeri, Laura (2010), "What Kind of Knowledge for CMR Related Health Issues? Some Lessons Drawn from the Case of Dioxin in Seveso.", paper presented at Carcinogens, Mutagens, Reproductive Toxicants: the Politics of Limit Values and Low Doses in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, Université de Strasbourg - IRIST (Strasbourg, France), 29 to 31 March.

Centemeri, Laura (2010), "The "conventional" objectivity of public space: how to think about the questionability of what we need to be unquestionable.", paper presented at 2nd CES International Seminar on the Foundations of Economics Facts, Values and Objectivity, CES, 19 to 20 March.

Centemeri, Laura (2009), "Remembering the Seveso disaster. The controversial construction of a 'discreet memory'", paper presented at ESA Conference , Lisboa, 02 to 05 September.

Centemeri, Laura; Castro Caldas, José Maria ; Costa, Ana; Arriscado Nunes, Joao (2009), "Ontologies of deliberation embodied in participatory procedures: the place for moral dilemmas", paper presented at Colloque "Evaluations morales des technologies controversées dans les conférences citoyennes" , 14 to 15 May.

Centemeri, Laura (2009), "A sociological analysis of dioxin pollution in Seveso (Italy): workers and inhabitants at stake*", paper presented at International Conference on Industrial Risks, Labor and Public Health: An Interdisciplinary Analysis by Social Sciences and Epidemiology, National Taiwan University, College of Public Health, Taipei , 14 to 15 May.

Centemeri, Laura (2009), "Economic Sociology and Environment: some research questions", paper presented at Goldsmiths Winter Workshop on Economic Sociology, London, 13 to 15 January.

Centemeri, Laura (2008), "Les dommages environnementaux comme atteintes au propre; incommensurabilités et critique des 'externalités'", paper presented at Extension de l'Economie Politique : Fascination, oppression, dépression, EHESS, Paris, France, 08 to 08 December.

Centemeri, Laura (2008), "How can the question of goods (material and immaterial) for well-being be taken into account in the work to develop indicators with citizens/communities? ", paper presented at Involving citizens/communities in measuring and fostering well-being and progress: towards new concepts and tools, organised by the Council of Europe in partnership with OECD and Provincia Autonoma di Trento, Strasbourg, France, 27 to 28 November.

Centemeri, Laura (2008), "Environmental damage as negative externality: a pragmatic sociological perspective", paper presented at ISA Forum of Sociology, 05 to 08 September.

Centemeri, Laura (2008), "Toxic contaminated communities coping with chronic chemical risk: the case of Seveso", paper presented at ISA Forum of Sociology, 05 to 08 September.

Centemeri, Laura; , Laura Draetta (2008), "La régulation européenne des Déchets d'Équipements Électriques et Électroniques (DEEE) en France et en Italie : traductions et trahisons du principe de responsabilité élargie des producteurs", paper presented at AISLF Congrès, Istanbul.

Centemeri, Laura (2007), "Victimes et catastrophes, des objets de recherche légitimes. Perspectives pragmatiques à partir de terrains comparés", paper presented at Seminaires du GSPM, GSPM (EHESS-CNRS), Paris.

Centemeri, Laura (2007), "Des radicaux aux enracinés: l'engagement environnementaliste entre changement de cultures politiques et nouvelles formes de régulation", paper presented at Seminar "Composer avec des engagements pluriels, de l'intime au public", EHESS, Paris.

Centemeri, Laura (2007), "Incertezza scientifica e danno ambientale", paper presented at Seminar "Science & Technology Studies", University of Padova.

Centemeri, Laura (2006), "Da radicali a radicati: l'impegno locale ambientalista, tra cambiamento delle culture politiche e nuovi scenari della regolazione. Il caso del circolo Legambiente "Laura Conti" di Seveso", paper presented at Annual Symposium of SISP (Italian Society for Political Science), Bologna, 12 to 14 September.

Centemeri, Laura (2006), "Visibilités et invisibilités d'un désastre industriel: le cas de Seveso", paper presented at Seminar "Organisation Du Travail, Rapports Sociaux Et Santé Des Travailleurs Quelles Connaissances En Santé Au Travail ? Approches Comparées", EHESS, Paris.

Centemeri, Laura (2005), "Taking Care of an Injured Environment. A Feminist Way to Recover after Disaster: Evidences from the Seveso Case", paper presented at 7a ESA Conference "Rethinking Inequalities", Torun, Poland, 09 to 12 September.

, Lavinia Bifulco; Centemeri, Laura (2005), "Governance and Institution Building in Local Welfare. The Case of the Italian "Piani di zona" (Area Plans)", paper presented at ESPAnet Conference "Making social policy in the postindustrial age", University of Fribourg.

Centemeri, Laura (2005), "L'accident au coeur de la communauté. Dimensions publiques d'un désastre: mobilisations, dédommagements et recueillement. Le cas Seveso", paper presented at Seminar "Habiter, appartenir, accueillir", EHESS, Paris.

Centemeri, Laura (2004), "How to make environment a public matter: the case of the Seveso accident and its aftermath", paper presented at Workshop "Environment as a Public Good", University of Milano-Bicocca.