Gianluca Sgueo


Gianluca Sgueo is currently Global Media Seminar Professor at New York University - Florence, and adjunct Professor at the Vrije University of Brussels. Since 2015, he holds the position of 'Policy Analyst' at the European Parliamentary Research Service in Brussels. Gianluca received a joint PH.D title in 2010 from the University of Salento (Italy), Sciences Po Paris (France) and the New York University (United States). His doctoral research compared four different models of consultative democracy operating in the supranational arena and their interactions with the domestic level. The results of his research have been summarised in the book "Esperimenti di Democrazia Globale", published by Rubbettino in 2010. He is also a LLM graduated (cum laude) from the European Academy of European Law of the Capodistrian University (Greece), where he defended a thesis on the reform of the European Administration. Besides that, he holds a Master Degree in Administrative and Public Law (Scuola Superiore della pubblica amministrazione, Rome 2005) and a diploma in European Law (European University Institute).

Latest Publications


Sgueo, Gianluca (2018), Games, Powers & Democracies. Bocconi University Press

Book Chapter

Sgueo, Gianluca (2016), Lobby e Unione europea, in Gianfranco Macri (org.), Democrazia degli interessi e attività di lobbying. Rubettino, 20


Sgueo, Gianluca (2016), Beyond Networks. Civil society coalitions, the European and the global legal orders. Springer