Alison Neilson


Alison Neilson is a researcher at the Interdisciplinary Centre for Social Studies CICS.NOVA at FCSH.UNL, and an associated researcher at CESin the Science, Economy and Society (NECES) group. She conducts narrative and arts-informed research on the way sustainability is understood and manifest in education and policy. Her current research is about the ways that people who live on islands, Iceland and the Azores, learn to be part of the governance system related to life on the sea. She studies the processes of education, including informal, nonformal and formal, to understand how people are encultured into governance structures and how the issues and structures themselves are constructed.

Latest Publications

Article in Scientific journal

Neilson, Alison Laurie; São Marcos, Rita (2019), "Reframing marine resource management with relational ontologies and hybrid entanglements: Fishing for empathy between Azorean fishers and scientists", Marine Policy, 105, 30-37

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Article in Scientific journal

Neilson, Alison; São Marcos, Rita; Sempere, Kas; Sousa, Laurinda; Canha, Clarisse (2019), "A vision at sea: women in fisheries in the Azores Islands, Portugal", Maritime Studies, 18, 3, 385-397

Book Chapter

Neilson, Alison; Inocêncio, Andrea; Sao Marcos, Rita (2019), Departure...The nature of the (not)keynote. Partida… A natureza de uma (não) conferência inaugural, in Alison L. Neilson & José Eduardo Silva (org.), Rehearsing science and art to re-connect culture and nature/ Ensaiar arte e ciência: Para religar natureza e cultura. Porto: Apuro Edições/Teatro do Frio, 8-16