Study Plan

The Doctoral Programme in Heritages of Portuguese Influence has a 4-year duration (8 semesters), totalling 240 ECTS). The PhD thesis project defense occurs at the end of the first academic year. The Programme is lectured in Portuguese.

1st year, 1st semester
Processes and territories of the Portuguese colonial expansion (10 ECTS)
Historiography and ideologies of overseas the Portuguese heritage (10 ECTS)
A heritage of words: narrative, discourse and literature in Portuguese (10 ECTS)

1st year, 2nd semester
Theories and Research Methodologies: dissertation project (10 ECTS)
Option I (10 ECTS) and option II (10 ECTS) of the following:

Architecture and Urbanism
Antecedents of Portuguese spatial and constructive culture in the World
Modern Migrations in the Overseas Portuguese Space
Deconstruction of the "Cidade Portuguesa": urbanization and concept

Cultural Studies
Colonial Processes and Representations
Contemporary images: interdisciplinary dialogues
From Portuguese America to Brazil: territory(ies) and identity(ies)
Heritages and Patrimonialization
South Atlantic

2nd year , 1st semester 
Extracurricular activities (30 ECTS)

2nd year, 2nd semester
Report of qualification (30 ECTS)

3rd and 4th years
Thesis (120 ECTS)