Claudino Ferreira



Ph.D. (Sociology, FEUC - 2006). Professor of Sociology at the Faculty of Economics (University of Coimbra). Researcher at the Center for Social Studies. Co-Coordinator of the Doctoral Program in "Sociology - Cities and Urban Cultures" (University of Coimbra). Areas of interest: Cities and urban cultures; Cultural and urban policies; Sociology of culture and the arts; Cultural and creative sector; Tourism, leisure and lifestyles; Methodology for Social Sciences. Author of several articles on those topics

Latest Publications

Book Chapter

Peixoto, Paulo; Ferreira, Claudino (2022), Reframing the Colonial in Postcolonial Lisbon: Placemaking and the Aestheticization of Interculturality, in Britta Timm Knudsen; John Oldfield; Elizabeth Buettner; Elvan Zabunyan (org.), Decolonizing Colonial Heritage: New Agendas, Actors and Practices in and beyond Europe. London and New York: Routledge

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