International Colloquium

Living Independence(ies): Experiences, Conflict, and Opposition in Decolonised African Societies, 1960–1990

September 24 and 25, 2019

Paul, Santo Antão (Cabo Verde)


September 24, 2019

09h30 Introduction
António Aleixo Martins (Mayor)
Alexander Keese (Genève), 
Studying post-independence periods as a multiple experience: a historical challenge
José Silva Évora (Praia),The postcolonial experience between the local and the transnational

10h15–10h30 Break

10h30 - Keynote 1
Françoise Blum (Paris I), Revolts and revolutions in French-speaking Africa of independence
Moderator: Miguel Bandeira Jerónimo (CES, Coimbra)

11h45 Session I – Desafios pós-coloniais nas transições locais (exemplos da Guiné e do Moçambique)
Andreas Zeman (Berne), 
"What they galvanise is not what they do": political propaganda and social realities in northern Mozambique in the early years after independence

Pedro Cerdeira (Genève), From the county administrator to the regional committee president: the impact of decolonisation on the composition of Cacheu regional administration

Moderator: Beatriz Valverde Contreras (Lisbon)

13h00–14h15m Break

14h15–16h00 Session II – The (post) colonial cultures
Miguel Bandeira Jerónimo (CES, Coimbra), The policy(ies) of patrimonialisation in late colonialism

Lucia Weiss (FU Berlin), Mozambicanity","Africanity","nationality"- expressions of art around Independence in Mozambique in the Lotus newspaper

Joana Brites (Coimbra), Public Architecture in Colonial Mozambique (1945–1975): Circuits of and Arenas of Significance

Francisca Pires (Mindelo), Portuguese decolonisation in secondary education curricula in Cape Verde: some reflections
Moderator: Cláudio Furtado (Praia)

Break 16h00 –16h30

16h30 – Keynote 2
Boaventura Rodrigues Santy (Bissau), 
State and society in the postcolonial period in Guinea-Bissau: conflicts, resistances and convergences
Moderator: José Silva Évora (Praia)


September 25, 2019

10h00 – Keynote 3
Kouadio Guessan (Abidjan),
The Ivorian political regime of Felix Houphouet-Boigny proofed by national and regional opposition (1960-1980)
Moderator: Alexander Keese (Genève)

11h15 –13h00 Sessão III – Repertórios de resistência comparados
Alexander Keese (Genève), 
“Good freedom” revisited: hesitations and reflections on contestation in Lusophone Africa and the African continent

Cláudio Furtado (Praia), Cape Verde: independence, autonomy and decolonization - ideological pitfalls in historical-sociological approaches

Meike de Goede (Amsterdam), L’héritage des vérités coloniales et la promesse des histoires des minorités: le cas du Congo-Brazzaville
Moderator: José Pedro Monteiro (CES, Coimbra)

Break: 13h00–14h00

14h15 –16h00 Session IV – As terras de Cabo Verde
José Évora (Praia), 
Land inequalities and social asymmetries in independent Cape Verde: the case of Tarrafal de Monte Trigo in Santo Antão island

José Pedro Monteiro (CES, Coimbra), Labour and labour policies in late colonialism: stories and legacies (1961-1975)

Carla Carvalho (Praia), No woman's land ... Or how to conquer land on Santiago Island (Cape Verde)

Moderator: José Maria Borges Tavares (Praia)

16h15 Closing Discussion

Moderators: Miguel Bandeira Jerónimo, José Silva Évora and Alexander Keese