Raquel Ribeiro


Raquel Ribeiro is a researcher at the Centre for Social Studies of the University of Coimbra, where she is part of the Research Group Science, Economy, and Society (NECES). She is interested in the study of the psychosocial impacts, socio-territorial inequalities and social justice of economic and financial processes; the way social representations guide individual and collective action and the processes of building policies that promote inclusion, social justice, and non-discrimination. Recent publications include: Ribeiro, R. (2019) "A "casa" - Entre o sonho e a realidade". In Ana Cordeiro Santos (Coord.), A nova questão da habitação em Portugal: Uma abordagem de Economia Política; Ribeiro, R. & Santos, A. C. (2018). A financeirização das famílias e a desigualdade socioeconómica e territorial em Portugal. Revista Portuguesa de Estudos Regionais, 47, 73-93; Ribeiro, R., Silva, B., Pimenta, C., & Poeschl, G. (2019). Why do consumers perpetrate fraudulent behaviors in insurance?, Crime, Law and Social Change. https://doi.org/10.1007/s10611-019-09857-2 Currently, she is part of the research team of the project FINHABIT: Inhabiting in Financial Times: Housing and the Production of Space in Democratic Portugal, coordinated by Ana Cordeiro Santos.

Latest Publications

Article in Scientific journal

Ribeiro, Raquel; Gabrielle, Poeschl (2020), "Social representations of globalisation and the functioning of the metasystem in social comparison contexts: evidence from two studies in Portugal", Opinião Pública, 26, 1, 193-221

Article in Scientific journal

Ribeiro, Raquel; Santos, Ana Cordeiro (2019), "Financeirização da habitação e desigualdades socioterritoriais: um estudo comparado das Áreas Metropolitanas de Lisboa e do Porto", Análise Social, 233, LIV, 4º, 726-758

Article in Scientific journal

Ribeiro, Raquel; Silva, Bruno; Pimenta, Carlos; Poeschl, Gabrielle (2019), "Why do consumers perpetrate fraudulent behaviors in insurance?", Crime, Law and Social Change, 73, 249-273

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