José Manuel Mendes


José Manuel Mendes holds a PhD in Sociology by the Faculty of Economics of the University of Coimbra, where he is a Full Professor of Sociology. He is also researcher at the Centre for Social Studies, where he has been working in the fields of risk, disasters and climate crisis, social vulnerability, planning, public policies and citizenship. He is coordinator of the Risk Observatory (OSIRIS) of the Centre for Social Studies and is the Editor in Chief of Revista Crítica de Ciências Sociais.

Latest Publications

Article in Scientific journal

Rodriquez, Carlotta; Mendes, José Manuel; Romão, Xavier (2022), "Identifying the Importance of Disaster Resilience Dimensions across Different Countries Using the Delphi Method", Sustainability, 14, 15, 9162

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Article in Scientific journal

Fernández Lopera, Cristian Camilo; Mendes, José Manuel; Barata, Eduardo Jorge (2022), "The Differential Risk Transfer: a new approach for reducing vulnerability to climate-related hazards", Disaster Prevention and Management, Vol. ahead-of-print, No. ahead-of-print

Book Chapter

Martins, A. Nuno; Lizarralde, Gonzalo; Egbelakin, Temitope; Hobeica, Liliane; Mendes, José Manuel; Hobeica, Adib (2022), Conclusion. Moving from frameworks to action: The importance of context-driven investments to deal with disasters' root causes, in A. N. Martins, G. Lizarralde, T. Egbelakin, L. Hobeica, J. M. Mendes, & A. Hobeica (org.), Investing in disaster risk reduction for resilience. Design, methods and knowledge under climate change. Amsterdam: Elsevier, 277-290