Elísio Estanque


Elísio Estanque was Born in Alentejo. He studied in secondary schools in Aljustrel, Faro and Lisbon. Lived, got job and developed studies in higher education in this city. Studied Sociology at ISCTE - Lisbon University (1981-1985). Was an activist during the revolutionary period (1974-1975 being involved with several social movements and trade union activities. Since 1985 settled in Coimbra, from than on working with the social sciences team at the Faculty of Economics. Always rebellious, independent and critical toward any kind of authoritarian behavior, keep being an activist on different left causes, refuses blind submissions of any type and try to use his knowledge and experience at the service of democratic values as well as struggles against social injustice.

Latest Publications

Book Chapter

Estanque, Elísio; A. Costa, Hermes; Fonseca, Dora; Santos, Andreia (2019), Are Trade Unions Trapped? Precariousness and Labour struggles at the Left Turn in Portugal, in Schmalz, Stefan & Brandon Sommer (eds.) (org.), Confronting Crisis and Precariousness: Organized Labour and Social Unrest in the European Union. London/ N. York: Rowman & Littlefield, 93-109

Book Chapter

Estanque, Elísio (2019), Organizações e desafios sociolaborais: breves notas numa perspetiva psicossociológica, in Rui Namorado (org.), A Economia Social: olhares cruzados. Coimbra: Almedina

Book Chapter

Estanque, Elísio (2019), Tempos conturbados no mundo do trabalho: do proletariado ao precariado, in Namora, Nuno; Barroso, Nuno (org.), Negociação Coletiva. Estado e Desafios em Portugal e no Brasil.. Porto: Vida Económica, 103-119