Workshop | Roda de Saberes

Narrativas Museais: processos de descolonização, participação e visibilização de outras histórias da história a partir de algumas experiências transformadoras.

September 21, 2020, 14h00 (GMT +01:00)

Room 2, CES | Alta


In this workshop we aim to reflect upon the concepts of aesthetics, museology and heritage (cultural and natural) from a post-colonial and de-colonial perspective. We start from the idea that it is necessary not only to de-colonise the symbolic and narrative production, but also to stimulate a new participative logic in the internal processes that shape museological dynamics: the creation and management of collections and inventories, the curation of installations and exhibitions, the processes of affective and effective conservation, the educational and communication actions.

From this perspective, we propose to share some key-concepts we have been working on in the context of Social Museology, from a critical, plural perspective, under construction, and, along with these, real examples resulting from our latest research and projects, taking the SoMus and ECHOES projects as starting points. Hence, we dive into concepts such as collective curating, participative inventory, collaborative management or contested heritage. These concepts are accompanied by theories and possibilities of a subaltern museologisation, illuminating narratives that are frequently excluded from our museums.

We aim to stimulate the debate about new methodologies that make the processes above effectively more horizontal, participated and critical.

Keywords: Memory, heritage, subaltern and post-colonial museologisation, cultural consumption, production of narratives, cultural participation. 

Limited vacancies to the first 20 participants. 

This event is organized as part of the Methodologies cycle "Roda de Saberes"

Workshop facilitated by Lorena Sancho Querol (CES) and Luciane Lucas dos Santos (CES) | Contact:



Roda de Saberes