This PhD programme is biennial.
The upcoming programme edition is due to open in 2021/2022 with calls opening in the 1st quarter of 2021.


2019/2020 edition

Who can apply | Submission of applications | Evaluation criteria | Tuition fee

Who can apply?

Applicants for admission to the Doctoral Programme in Cities and Urban Cultures:

a) Holders of a master's degree or legal equivalent;

b) Holders of a bachelor's degree, holders of a particularly relevant academic or scientific curriculum that is recognized as attesting capacity to carry out this cycle of studies by the Academic Board of the Faculty of Economics;

c) Holders of a school, scientific or professional curriculum that is recognized as attesting to the ability to carry out this cycle of studies by the Academic Board of the Faculty of Economics. 

The recognition referred to in subparagraphs b) and c) of paragraph 1 only allows access to the cycle of studies leading to a PhD Degree and does not grant its holder the recognition or equivalence to a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree.

NOTE: In terms of the Assessment in this course, admission to the preparation of the thesis depends on the achievement of 60 ECTS in the curricular units. In addition, students must submit to a public hearing of their Thesis Project, before a jury appointed for that purpose, which will qualitatively evaluate the work presented (Approved or Not Approved).

Number of vacancies: 10

Submission of applications

Applications must be exclusively submitted  via the online Platform InforEstudante.
Instructions are available here.

Required documentation

- Motivation letter, explaining the reasons that lead the applicant to apply, if relevant according to the criteria established by the organic unit of the desired course (MANDATORY)
- Workload and programmes of curricular units if credits are to be requested (MANDATORY, unless the course of origin is taught at the University of Coimbra under the Bologna Process - after 2007/2008)
- 2 Letters of Recommendation (MANDATORY, except when the last academic degree has been obtained at FEUC)
- Certificate of Bachelor's degree with final course classification (diploma). If credits are to be requested, a certificate indicating all curricular units completed and classification obtained on each of the curricular units is required (MANDATORY, except if the primary course is a course taught at the University of Coimbra) 
- Certificate of Master's degree with final classification (diploma). If credits are to be requested, a certificate indicating all curricular units completed and classification obtained on each of the curricular units is required (MANDATORY, except if the primary course is a course taught at the University of Coimbra)
- Curriculum Vitae (Europass format) (MANDATORY)
- Diploma(s) of proficiency in foreign languages (if available)
- Official document, issued by the institution awarding the degree, with certified grade (weighted average) (MANDATORY only for foreign candidates)
- Copy of Identification Document (MANDATORY only for foreign applicants)
- Statement of Interest on PhD program / Research project draft proposal (1000 words) (MANDATORY)

NOTE: Admitted candidates who register and enroll in the course are required to present the original documents until the 31st of December in order to complete their individual student file. 
The documents mentioned above must be certified by the local Portuguese consulate and / or legalized by the Apostille system under the Convention on Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents (better known as the Hague Convention), signed at The Hague, October 5, 1961, with the exception of documents issued by European Union Member-States.
However, in case of doubt about the documentation presented, the aforementioned certification or submission of additional documentation may be requested to any applicant. If the above-mentioned documents are in a foreign language other than Spanish, French or English, a translation must be presented. Translations must be duly certified by the competent authorities.

Evaluation Criteria

1.1 Academic Curriculum: Bachelor's degree (Ponderação 3/10)
1.2 Academic Curriculum: Other academic training (Weighting 3/10)
1.3 Academic Curriculum: Publications / Research (Weighting 1/10)
2.1 Professional Curriculum: Professional Merit Assessment (Weighting 1/10)
3.1 Interview: Profile of the Applicant (Weighting 2/10)

NOTE: Assessed applications that have a grade lower than 9.5 in one of the evaluation criteria will automatically become non-approved.

Annual Fee: 2,000 Euros

Part-time registration: Admits (Thesis only)

Informations for candidates 

- Application is subject to the payment of a fee in the amount of 50 euros, non-refundable, including in cases of invalidation of application, non-placement or when the study cycle does not open due to the lack of the minimum number of enrollees.
- Applications are submitted online
- More information
- Contacts: e-mail; phone +351 239 247 195; in person at the support centres of the Academic Management Service, in the hours available here