´Race´ and Africa in Portugal: a study on history textbooks

September 1, 2008 to February 29, 2012
42 months
Funding Entity
Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology

The purpose of this project is to understand how the silencing of the History of Africa in textbooks has helped to perpetuate stereotyped views of Africa and the Black/African ‘other’ as uncivilized, pre- or a-historic, and challenge these views.  We aim at constructing a critical framework that dialogues with all agents involved in the process of textbook production and circulation, identifying and making visible existing innovative practice. This will be the most comprehensive study of history textbooks in Portugal that we know of, and will offer a new theoretical framework to the field, combining the approach of Sociology of Education to the relationship between power, culture and education with Postcolonial Studies that recover the silenced history of Africa.

Ana Rita Alves
Bruno Andrade
José João Lucas
Maria Paula Meneses
Marta Araújo (coord)
Silvia Maeso
Augusto José Monteiro
Michael W. Apple
eurocentrism in education, racism, textbooks, postcolonial africa