Conflict Analysis and Peacebuilding

January 30, 2012 to December 31, 2013
23 months

This consultancy assistance agreement is aimed to render professional assistance on Conflict Analysis and Peacebuilding for the Norwegian Peacebuilding Resource Centre.

Actual work under this assistance agreement will be awarded and committed through call offs. Each call off will be awarded either as a result of a mini competition, or by direct placement.
CES may also participate in other activities that form part of the project.


Up this moment, the following services have been required:

- A brief based on the book 'Youth and Trajectories of Violence: the cases of Bissau and Praia', to be presented by NOREF to the Norwegian MFA and published on NOREF’s webpage;

- Policy-brief  'The “prioritization” of RoL support, from a general peacebuilding perspective’;

- Within the scope of the project “Emerging Powers” the team will , through 2013, produce a set of 5 reports and 7 policy briefs, organize an experts meeting in Portugal and a policy seminar in Oslo;

conflict analysis, peacebuilding, international relations, Brazil, Turkey, Russia, emerging powers, peacekeeping, development, security
Funding Entity
Norwegian Peacebuilding Centre