Winter School Feminist Ecologies of Knowledges II - Knowledges and practices for C[are]tizenship

27 a 31 de janeiro de 2020


The 'Feminist Ecologies of Knowledges Winter School' is based on the theoretical premise of Boaventura de Sousa Santos (2014: 133) according to which there is no social justice without cognitive justice. Now, this interpellation needs to be radicalised by affirming that there is no social and cognitive justice without sexual justice. Thus, all sociological imagination, whether feminist or not, which does not highlight the constant danger of single story1 and the multiple ignorances that homogenize and amalgamate the intense and potentially infinite diversity of beings who recognize themselves as women, of their knowledges and experiences present in the world, is put into question. Assuming the ecology of knowledges as a conceptual root, we choose to go further, that is, to seek to recognise, value and validate feminist ecologies of knowledges.

The Winter School seeks to develop a critical, reflective and dialogic feminist thinking. It is a space of discussion and construction of strongly contextualized knowledges and aimed at nurturing South-North and South-South solidarities.

The second edition of the Feminist Ecologies of Knowledges School, which will take place from January 27 to 31, 2020, will devote particular attention to care. We want to challenge the idea that care refers to activities performed by women in the private domestic space, which has naturalised the sexist essentialism that persists in common sense to this day. On the contrary, we assert that care is part of politics and that the dichotomy between private and public is a form of emptying its fracturing potential with the present infinite war against people, territories, identities and the Earth. In this School we want to problematize care as powerful transformative practices that contradict the colonialist ideals of conquest, occupation and dominance, heteropatriarchy and capitalism.

This winter school has three main objectives:

  1. The first is to build feminist ecologies of knowledges, in dialogue with the Epistemologies of the South, capable of accounting for a diversity of thematics and experiences of inequality oppression experienced by different women, but also of emancipation and alternatives, thought and carried out by them;
  2. The second is to question, reflect and expand, from the feminist point of view, four concepts of Epistemologies of the South and, with them, undertake analysis and learnings that can contribute to change life;
  3. The third is to methodologically question research work towards a construction of non-extractivist, solidary and self-reflective knowledge; 

This winter school is aimed at: academics interested in these subjects; social activists; socio-educational instructors and trainers; teachers

The certificate of attendance will only be delivered to participants who have attended at least: 3 full days