Lina Coelho



Lina Coelho is assistant professor at the Faculty of Economics - University of Coimbra and research fellow at the Centre for Social Studies (CES). She obtained her PhD in Economics from the same university, where she studied household and gender inequalities in Portugal. Her research interests include topics of economic inequality, feminist economics and household economics. Lately she has been mostly interested in studying the effects of economic crisis in gender inequalities and the processes of gender-based segregation in labour market and vocational training and education. She has also been working on the implementation of gender budgeting in Portugal.

Latest Publications

Book Chapter

Coelho, Lina; Cruz, Ronize (2023), Desigualdad salarial y segregación ocupacional de género en Portugal, in Viego, Valentina & Camilo, Juliana (org.), Trabajo, género y vida cotidiana en Iberoamérica. Santiago de Chile: Ariadna Ediciones, 161 - 201

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Article in Scientific journal

Jorge, Susana; Coelho, Lina; Pimentel, Liliana (2023), "The institutional environment of gender budgeting: Learning from the Portuguese experience", Public Money & Management, 1-10

Article in Scientific journal

Jarego, Margarida; Pimenta, Filipa; Pais-Ribeiro, José; Costa, Rui M.; Patrão, Ivone; Coelho, Lina; Ferreira-Valente, Alexandra (2021), "Do coping responses predict better/poorer mental health in Portuguese adults during Portugal's national lockdown associated with the COVID-19?", Personality and Individual Differences, 175, 110698