Gustavo García-López


Gustavo is an engaged scholar, educator, and apprentice organizer from the islands of Puerto Rico. He has transdisciplinary social-environmental sciences training, combining political ecology and environmental policy and planning, with decolonial Latin American and Caribbean studies. His work centers on transformative eco-social initiatives and movements, bridging ideas of commons and commoning, autogestion, insurgent ecologies, environmental/climate justice movements, and just transitions. He has experience in Puerto Rico, Mexico, and most recently in Portugal, and strong engagements with international networks and initiatives. He is currently FCT-CEECIND Assistant Researcher at the Center for Social Studies, University of Coimbra, where he co-coordinates the Ecology and Society Workshop (ECOSOC). Previously, he held the Prince Claus Chair in Development and Equity at the International Institute of Social Studies, The Hague (2019-2021, ext. 2022); was Assistant Professor in the Graduate School of Planning at the University of Puerto Rico- Rio Piedras (2015-2019); and Marie Curie Experienced Researcher (Postdoc) in the H2020 ITN European Network of Political Ecology - ENTITLE (2014-2015). He holds a PhD in Public Policy and Political Science from Indiana University (2012), a Masters in Environmental Policy from Cambridge University (2005), and a Bachelor in Environmental Sciences and Geography from the University of Puerto Rico (2004). He is co-founding member of Post-Extractive Futures (a self-organized initiative from various collectives to foster thinking and action for post-extractive societies); the Climate Justice Network (integrating scholars and practitioners on research and education); JunteGente (a space of encounters of grassroots initiatives for eco-social justice in Puerto Rico); and the Undisciplined Environments political ecology blog editorial collective. He lives uprooted from his lands but finding home and guiding stars in his daughter Maia. He is held in life by broad networks of care, of people, spirits, memories, and ecologies.

Latest Publications

Book Chapter

Villamayor Tomas, Sergio; García-López, Gustavo; Dalisa, Giacomo (2023), Commons regimes at the crossroads: environmental justice movements and commoning, in Sergio Villamayor Tomas & Roldan Muradian (org.), The Barcelona School of Ecological Economics and Political Ecology: A Companion in Honour of Joan Martinez-Alier. New York: Springer Cham

Book Chapter

Avilés-Vázquez, Katia; García-López, Gustavo; Ramos-Gerena, Carol; et al. (2023), Environmental Justice Movements as Movements for Life and Decolonization: Experiences from Puerto Rico, in Beatriz Bustos, Salvatore Engel Di-Mauro, Gustavo Garcia-Lopez, Felipe Milanez, & Diana Ojeda (org.), Routdledge Handbook of Latin America and the Environment. London & New York: Routledge


García-López, Gustavo; Cintron Moscoso, Federico (orgs.) (2023), Pactos Ecosociales en Puerto Rico. San Juan, Puerto Rico

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