University degrees, diplomas and academic public assessments

2023 - Habilitation, Area: Human Rights in Contemporary Societies (Research Programme on LGBTI+ ageing, ageism and age-related policies in Southern Europe), Univ. Coimbra

2008 - PhD in Gender Studies, Enacting Activism: The political, legal and social impacts of LGBT activism in Portugal, University of Leeds, United Kingdom

2006 - Post-graduation, Feminist Critical Analysis: Differences, Sexualities and Con/text, Inter-University Center of Dubrovnik, Croatia

2004 - MA in Sociology, under "As Sociedades Nacionais perante os Processos de Globalização", University of Coimbra, Portugal

2003 - Curso de Formação, Youth work with boys and young men as a means to prevent violence in everyday life, Conselho da Europa, European Youth Centre of Budapest

2001 - Formação de Formadores, Igualdade de Oportunidades entre Mulheres e Homens, Comissão para a Igualdade no Trabalho e no Emprego

1999 - BA (Honours) in Sociology , University of Coimbra, Portugal

Field of specialisation

Gender Studies

LGBTQ Studies

Power and Politics

Sociology of Sexuality

Other fields

Equal Opportunities

Estudos sociojurídicos da sexualidade


Human Rights

LGBTQ Studies

Reproductive and Sexual Health

Social Movements