Tiago Rolino


Tiago Rolino is a Law Graduated from the Universidade Católica Portuguesa, was a lawyer from 2003 to 2017, and is a Master's student on Women's Studies: Gender, Citizenship and Development at the Universidade Aberta (UAb). Is a Junior Researcher at the Centre for Social Studies (CES), where he is a researcher of the Portuguese team that coordinates the project PARENT - Promotion, Awareness Raising and Engagement of men in Nurture Transformations and the project KINDER - Tackling gender stereotypes in education and early childhood: building a Gender-Responsive Pedagogy in Children's Education. As a researcher he is also a member of the research team of project IgualPro - As profissões não têm género, coordinated by CITE - Commission for Equality in Labour and Employment. In addition, he is the Project Management coordinator of Promundo-Portugal where he also coordinates the area of Youth and Equity/Equality. Between January 1, 2018 and December 31, 2019, he was part of the Portuguese team (from CES) of the project EQUI-X - Promoting innovative-strategies addressing the construction of gender identities and engaging men and boys in non-violent models of masculinity. Since December 10, 2019 he is one of the representatives of the Junior Researchers at the CES Bodies. He is part of the statutory bodies of the Associação Projeto Criar, an organization that provide services of legal, psychological and social nature to women, children, youth and families who are acting/offended in civil tutelary processes, educational tutelary processes, in promotion and protection processes and in criminal processes, namely when they are victims of sexual abuse, mistreatment, domestic violence and human trafficking.

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Book Chapter

Ferraz Ignacio, Caroline; Moura, Tatiana; Rolino, Tiago (2019), Evaluating Gender Transformative Projects: the EQUI-X Experience, in Fundación Cepaim (org.), Engaging Youth in the Promotion of Non-Violent and Equitable Masculinities. Madrid: Fundación Cepaim, 62-75