Rita Alcaire


Anthropologist and documentary filmmaker. Research Fellow for the Portuguese team of CILIA LGBTQI+ Lifelong inequalities of LGBTQI+ people: a comparative and intersectional approach in four European countries, funded by NORFACE. She holds a PhD in Human Rights in Contemporary Societies with the thesis The Asexual Revolution: discussing human rights through the lens of asexuality in Portugal, which analysed current narratives about asexuality narrated by health professionals, the media and asexual people in order to challenge and rethink the notion of human rights. Her research interests lie in science communication focused on the study of sexuality, mental health and pop culture using documentaries as a privileged way to engage with them. She codirected Filhos do Tédio (2006), Para-suicídio Pop (2008), Breve História do Rock de Coimbra (2010), O Pessoal do Pico Toma Conta Disso (2010), Um Quarto do Éter - um ano na Rádio Universidade de Coimbra (2011), Filarmónicas da Ilha Preta (2011) and Das 9 às 5 - trabalho sexual é trabalho (2011). She published Filhos do Tédio (Pé de Página Editores, 2005); and the chapters "Representações da masturbação no Cinema e televisão mainstream" (Imprensa da Universidade de Coimbra, 2015), "Do we wear fashion or is fashion wearing us out? - international investment, globalization and human rights" (FURG, 2017) and "A comunidade assexual discute a sua luta por aceitação" (EDUEL, 2019).

Latest Publications

Book Chapter

Alcaire, Rita (2020), Asexuality as an Epistemological Lens: An Evolving Multi-Layered Approach, in Zowie Davy; Ana Cristina Santos; Chiara Bertone; Ryan Thoreson; Saskia E. Wieringa (org.), The Sage Handbook of Global Sexualities, volume 1. Londres: Sage, 141-159

Book Chapter

Alcaire, Rita (2019), A comunidade assexual discute a sua luta por aceitação, in Paulo Victor Bezerra (org.), Assexualidade: subjetividades emergentes no século XXI. Brasil: EDUEL, 151-164

Book Chapter

Alcaire, Rita (2017), Do we wear fashion or is fashion wearing us out? - international investment, globalisation and human rights, in Bruno de Sena Martins e Saulo Tarso Rodrigues (org.), Os Direitos Humanos e as linguagens da dignidade: debates e perspectivas. Rio Grande: Editora da FURG, 211-229