Workshop | Roda de Saberes

Action-research as an epistemological option for collaborative research

May 4, 2020, 14h30

Room 2, CES | Alta


Action-research can be used in different ways, with diverse ends, comprising a vast array of theoretical-methodological approaches. However, that methodological option is based on the premise that research and action should go hand in hand. When researching with this goal, the aim is to develop scientific research from the sources that are historically constructed, as the relations between distinct subjects, social movements and institutions. This aspect demands the gathering of a set of epistemological conditions that may assist in the formulation of supportive, plural, creative research and open to dialogue with the university and the community, but, especially, capable of transforming them.

This workshop is based on the praxis of the group, on its research perspectives so as to, grounded on them, negotiate joint reflections.
The proposal that will be developed originates in Paulo Freire’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed, according to which, starting from a thematic research, the mentors seek in the experiences of the participants the themes for their research processes. Following that, there is an effort to thematize, whe the group decodifies the proposed themes, ending with the problematization, through which the experiences are seen through critical scrutiny in dialogue with other references. The methodological path that the workshop will explore lies on these bases, thought it will be enlarged through contributions from other theoreticians (Barbier 2002), Dussel (2007), and Sousa Santos (2018).

We will start from the research work of the participants, as social and human sciences researchers, towards praxis, experiencing a continuously critical and collaborative process, producing reflections about our circumstances and perspectives.

This proposal arises from research conducted with students, teachers, and social movements in Brasil, since 2009, in the field of Education, which will also be presented in the workshop as an introduction.

In this perspective, action-research has the collaborative training as its main objective and seeks the development of teams with collective competences capable of developing mutually. The dynamics of a collective training process as we propose not only binds distinct actors, but also enables the sharing of research problems, formulations and strategies.
Limited vacancies to the first 20 enrolled.

Workshop moderated by Sueli de Lima Moreira (Prof. Faculdade Formação de Professores da Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro) and by Paulo Peixoto (Prof. Faculdade de Economia da Universidade de Coimbra and CES Researcher)



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