Precarious migrations: experiences and narratives

March 1, 2012 to February 28, 2014
24 months

This research is about what we call precarious migrations in France and in the European Space.
By precarious migrations, we mean migration courses  to France or to Europe which people undertake without being granted a status  (residence permit, long term visa, employment, housing...) before they leave their country.  This category includes illegal migrants as well as asylum seekers or any king of foreigners whose stay in France or in the Shengen Space can become contentious, for any kind of reason, bureaucratic or other.
Our goal is to explore the potentialities of this very notion « precarious migrations » - or migrants, for we observe that in our societies  some kind of a « floating » population is constantly increasing, including different categories of foreigners who have to face precarity, not only on a social and economic level, but also in legal and political terms ;  people who are not only « sub-citizens » because they are deprived of many legal and political rights, but also  in a way « sub-persons » because they are  living on the fringe of public life in all its forms. The outsiders in our more and more classical « Roman » world.


Maison des Sciences de l’Homme, Paris-Nord (Coord.)

migrants, social precariousness, biographical trajectories, archives, biopolitics