Out-of-the-Box Methodologies: From Canon to Experience

October 11, 2018, 10h00

Room 1, CES | Alta


Since 2005, CES has been organizing an Annual Conferences Series, giving an insight into the national and international research work produced by young scientists within the Social Sciences. CES desire to promote the dialogue with the work produced in other institutions was at the origin of this cycle, based on a clearly interdisciplinary matrix. For that purpose, we have been relying on the contribution of some of the most prominent young social scientist, as well as on other actors and knowledges, as people from other academic institutions, from other academic areas and from several civil society organizations have been participating in these conferences.

The XIII Edition of the Young Social Scientists adopted the theme of methodologies under the heading of Out-of-the-Box Methodologies: from Canon to Experience, structured into two sessions.

Out-of-the-Box Methodologies: from Canon to Experience

Reflection on the limits of modern science, the critique of Eurocentric theory, and the challenge of building knowledge committed to social transformation involves questioning the manuals that present methodologies as universally applicable inflexible recipes. Methodologies must be attuned to the epistemological and ethical reflection. Interdisciplinarity; the ecology of knowledges, which mobilizes science in its diversity, the knowledges born in social struggles and art; and the deconstruction of subjects as objects of research and their participation as active subjects in the construction of knowledge raise methodological questions, whose answers cannot be translated into ready-to-use formulas anywhere.

In the edition "Young Social Scientists 2018" we will reflect on out-of-the-box methodologies from real experiences, dilemmas, difficulties and unanticipated possibilities that emerge in the course of the research work. We intend to discuss fieldwork challenges, which have led researchers beyond traditional methodology books. The proposal is to share and discuss the lived experience of research, decisions made, unforeseen solved, ethical dilemmas, issues involving research committed to social transformation.

The intention is not to recreate recipes, but to promote self-reflexivity and sharing, in order to provide mutual learning from different options, contexts and practices.

Coordination: Beatrice Gusmano, Carlos Nolasco, Sara Araújo 

[Activity under the CES-UC Doctoral Programme's Welcoming Week]