VII Annual Cycle Young Social Scientists

October 19, 2011 to June 20, 2012

Scientific Coordination: Miguel Cardina e Susana Costa

19 October, 2011
Alexandre Abreu (PhD student, SOAS/U. London; researcher, Centre for Geographical Studies of the University of Lisbon)
Migration and class differentiation in rural Guinea-Bissau
Scientific area: Development economics, migrations
Discussants: João Rodrigues (CES) and João Pedro Campos (CES)

16 November, 2011
Clelia Bettini (CIEC – Interuniversitary Centre for Camões Studies / FLUC – Institute for Italian Studies)
Portuguese, Turkish and Italians in the 16th century. The critical edition of a 16th century text: problems, meanings and use of philology in the 21st century
Scientific area: Comparative literature. Portuguese Literature of the 16th century. Luso-Italian Studies.
Discussants: Sandra Guerreiro Dias CES/FEUC PhD student) and João Mascarenhas Mateus (CES)

14 December, 2011
João Nunes (University of Warwick)
Health and international relations: political and security dimensions
Scientific area: Political Science and International Relations
Discussants: Rita Serra (CES) and André Barrinha (FEUC)

18 January, 2012
João Condinho Vargas (Department of Social, Legal and Spatial Planning Sciences, University of Aveiro)
Activation and deactivation strategies of the religious cleavage in Portugal – 1974-2008
Scientific area: Political science, comparative politics
Discussants: Teresa Toldy (CES) and Júlia Garraio (CES)

15 February, 2012
Gabrielle Ciffelli (PhD in Geography; State University of Campinas - UNICAMP / Doctoral internship – CES)
Image, representation and tourism territorial dynamics in Brazilian world heritage cities: analysis of Ouro Preto and Salvador
Scientific area: Humanities
Discussants: Claudino Ferreira (CES) and Carina Gomes (CES)

14 March, 2012
Frederico Ágoas (CESNOVA, Universidade Nova de Lisboa/ Birkbeck College, University of London)
Knowledge and power: State and agricultural social research in the beginnings of sociology in Portugal
Scientific area: Sociology
Discussants: Tiago Santos Pereira (CES) and Tiago Ribeiro (CES)

18 April, 2012
Luís Menezes do Vale (Faculty of Law of the University of Coimbra)
On the legal sense of access to fundamental social commodities: some remarks based on the health inter and transconstitutional law (the UN teachings, in particular)
Scientific area: Law
Discussants: Paula Fernando (CES) and Daniel Neves (CES)

16 May, 2012
Amílcar Manuel Reis Moreira (Institute of Ageing / Institute of Social Sciences – University of Lisbon)
The second generation of integration through work policies for beneficiaries of minimum income programmes programs in Europe
Scientific area: Active social policies, poverty and social exclusion, active ageing and comparative social politics
Discussants: Pedro Hespanha (CES) and Pedro Araújo (CES)

20 June, 2012
Paulo Barcelos (Department of Political Studies of the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa)
Monsieur: vous êtes mon égal! - The challenge of global poverty
Scientific Area: Philosophy
Discussants: José Manuel Pureza (CES) and Mathias Thaler (CES)