Governance, Institutions and the Third Sector: a research itinerary

Vasco Almeida (Instituto Superior Miguel Torga)

January 21, 2011, 14h00

Seminar Room (2nd Floor), CES-Coimbra


The goal of this presentation is to explain the different steps of the elaboration of a doctoral dissertation aiming at the explanation of the origin and the role of the third sector organizations (TSO) within the contemporary societies' governance processes. Considering the obvious limitations of economic theories which, through conventional premises, see the third sector as a subproduct of the market and State failures, this presentation tries to show the problems and issues that researchers face, from the use of an alternative conceptual framework to the elaboration of an empirical component, when, unlike the dominant perspective, they intend emphasize the key place that TSO occupy in the governance structure of contemporary societies.

Biographic Note

Vasco Almeida holds a graduate degree in Economy by the School of Economics of the University of Coimbra (1979), where he also completed his Mater's Degree in European Economy (1986) and, later, the Doctoral Degree in Governance, Knowledge and Innovation (2010). Since 1980, he is Professor at the Miguel Torga Higher Institute (ISMT), where he has been lecturing subjects in the fields of Economy, Portuguese Economy, Social Economy and Social Policies. He is a member of the ISMT Executive Board, Coordinator of the 1st Study Cycle of Management of ISMT, co-editor of the journal Interacções, Coordinator of the ISMT Library and researcher at CEPESE. His research work focus on the issues of State, public expenses, institutionalism, governance and third sector, with several papers on the mentioned fields.

Note: Within the Doctoral Programme in "Governance, Knowledge, and Innovation".