Curricular Structure

3 seminars in each semester of the 1st year; 2 semestral and 1 anual seminar in the 2nd year; 2 plurianual seminars in the following years (a total of 8 semesters = 240 ECTS):

1st semester: 3 seminars in American Studies or 2 seminars in American Studies and 1 seminar in Social Sciences (10 ECTS each)

2nd semester: 2 mandatory seminars - Theories and Research and Discussion Seminar - and 1 elective seminar in American Studies or in Social Sciences (10 ECTS each).

3rd e 4th semester: Project elaboration and Defense of Project (semestral) and Research and Discussion Seminar (anual), all mandatory (20 ECTS each).

3rd and 4th year: plurianual seminars - Dissertation supervision (40 ECTS) and Dissertation (80 ECTS).