Joana Monbaron


Joana da Palma Monbaron has an academic background in art history and Russian studies. She has worked as an art history teacher in high schools and as an educator and organiser in various contemporary art institutions in Russia and Europe. Looking critically at the structures of cultural institutions and the way they shape the production of legitimate knowledge, she has co-organised situated educational projects in (and from) the art world that aimed at reconsidering cultural and political categories. She is currently a PhD student of the programme "Human Rights in Contemporary Societies" at the Centre for Social Studies of the University of Coimbra. Her research focuses on existing efforts to relocate modern and contemporary art museums within their colonial and anti-communist genealogies, and to reframe their role through the practical consideration of their direct social use.

Latest Publications


Klichuk, Yana; Monbaron, Joana; Abdeslam, Ziou-Ziou (2021), Al-Moutawassit: Cultural Mediation as a Meeting Point. Berlin: Archive Books


Belishkina, Alina; Klichuk, Yana; Monbaron, Joana (2021), Obrazovatel'nyj razvorot. Kto esce proizvodit znanija v kul'ture? [Educational U-turn. Who Else is Producing Knowledges in Culture?]. Saint-Petersburg: The National Center for Contemporary Art

Article in Scientific journal

Ivanov, Alexander; Monbaron, Joana (2018), "Creating Circumstances for an Institutional Pedagogy: Notes on Tracings Out of Thin Air", Research in Arts & Education, 2, 57-73