Virgínia Ferreira


Associate Professor of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Coimbra, Portugal, and researcher at the Center for Social Sciences. The common theme in her body of work is the analysis of how the social relationships between men and women in a society are shaped and re-shaped by various social processes and structures, namely: shifting economic and political conditions; technological revolution; labour market regulations, welfare state regimes and other societal institutions; and the attitudes, plans and behaviour of women and men in the domestic sphere. Using both qualitative and quantitative methods, her research has focused on the feminization of occupations, the changing patterns of sexual segregation of overall labour market and employment, and to the evolution of public and European equality policies. Member of the editorial board of national and international journals of social sciences and women's studies. Founding member of the Portuguese Association of Women's Studies. Since 2004, is a member of the European Commission Expert Group on Gender and Employment. Published work includes articles and essays in national and international periodicals and collective books.

Latest Publications

Article in Scientific journal

Saraiva, Pedro; Ferreira, Virgínia; Silveirinha, Maria João (2019), "A distant finish line for women: gender and the sports press in Portugal (1996-2016)", ex æquo, 40, 67-87

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Book Chapter

Silveirinha, Maria João; Ferreira, Virgínia (2019), Harriet Martineau: Socióloga Radical e Feminista Avant-La-Lettre, in José Luís Garcia e Hermínio Martinho (org.), Lições de Sociologia Clássica. Lisboa: Edições 70, 45-77

Book Chapter

Ferreira, Virgínia; Casaca, Sara Falcão (2018), "Ainda há a ideia de que as mulheres têm sempre défices." Entrevistada por Sara Falcão Casaca, in Bárbara Reis (org.), Pensar o trabalho no futuro - Dez Entrevistas. Lisboa: Fundação Francisco Manuel dos Santos, 19-39