University degrees, diplomas and academic public assessments

2011 - Post-Doctoral Researcher, "Transforming mourning into fighting: survivors of armed violence". Supervision by José Manuel Pureza. Support: FCT/Portugal., Centre for Social Studies

2009 - Phd, Program "Peace, Conflicts and Democracy" (Paz, Conflictos y Democracia), "Masculinities and feminilities between newest wars and newest peaces", Universidad Jaume I, Espanha

2003 - MA in Sociology, "As Sociedades Nacionais perante o processo de Globalização", Between Athens and Sparta: women, peace and armed conflicts, School of Economics, University of Coimbra

2000 - Post graduation in Human Rights, Course in Human Rights and Democratisation, School of Law, University of Coimbra

1999 - Undergraduation in International Relations, specialisation in Cooperation, School of Economics, University of Coimbra

Field of specialisation

Feminism and International Relations

Peace Studies

Violência armada urbana, novíssimas guerras

Other fields

Masculinities, femininities and armed violence