Sílvia Portugal



PhD in Sociology, University of Coimbra. Assistant Professor at School of Economics, University of Coimbra. Her research discusses the relations between formal and informal welfare, using network analysis. She's been studying family role in Portuguese social welfare system, giving special focus to women's work. Her more recent interests and research focus on the theme of disability, mental illness and chronicity. Edited: Citizenship, Public Policy and Social Networks (IUC, 2011); Mental Disease, Institutions and Families. The challenges of deinstitutionalization in Portugal, with Pedro Hespanha et al. (Almedina, 2012); Families and Social Networks (Almedina, 2014), Experience, Health, Chronicity: a socio-anthropological perspective, with Reni Barsaglini and Lucas Melo (FIOCRUZ/IUC, 2021) and Health reinvented: New perspectives on the medicalization of life, with Tiago Pires Marques (Almedina, 2021).

Latest Publications

Article in Scientific journal

Barbas, Andreia; Portugal, Sílvia (2021), "Fratrias e relações entre irmãs/os ao longo da vida: uma perspetiva sociológica", Revista Brasileira de Sociologia - RBS, 9, 23, 76-96

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Marques, Tiago Pires; Portugal, Sílvia (orgs.) (2021), A Saúde Reiventada: Novas perspectivas sobre a medicalização da vida. Coimbra: CES/ Almedina

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Book Chapter

Portugal, Sílvia (2021), Dádiva e cuidado: paradigmas para (re)pensar cidadania e políticas públicas, in Maria de Lourdes Dutra; Conrado Neves Sathler (org.), Psicologia, Direitos Humanos e Políticas Públicas: ética e intervenções. São Carlos: Pedro & João Editores, 127-140

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