Rui Feijó


Born in Braga (1954). Attended primary school in Lousada, secondary school in Porto, read History at the University of Coimbra (1978) and obtained a D.Phil in Modern History in Oxford (1984). In 2017 he obtained the title of "Agregado" in "Democracy in the 21st Century" at the University of Coimbra. Also attended the General Course on management, University of Porto (1991) Started his professional career as teacher in secondary education (1977-1979), and after 1979 held several positions in different universities: faculty of Economics, University of Porto, Faculty of Economics, The Portuguese catholic University, Open University, National University of Timor-Leste. Main teaching assignments: History and Political Science Outside the academic realm : leader of a family agro-business in Lousada (1987-2004), elected City Councillor in Porto (1994-1998), Chairman of the Board for the Regulation of Vinho Verde (1998-2000), and UN Senior Advisor to the Presidency of the Republic in Timor-Leste (2005-2006) Current interests include the different dimensions of the construction of Democracy 8with a special interest in Timor-Leste), the analysis of identity processes (through the lenses of naming practices), the History of Science (namely the Theory of Colours, giving special attention to supra-disciplinary approaches. In the summer of 2010 was elected Member of the Board of EuroSEAS Member of the Senior Common Room of Lincoln College, University of Oxford. Visiting Scholar in Politics, Nuffield College, in 2012 Lives in Porto with his two daughters, Margarida and Mariana

Latest Publications

Article in Scientific journal

Feijó, Rui Graça (2019), "A Journey with Max Weber in Timor-Leste's Countryside: Constructing Local Governance after Independence", Indonesia, 107, 1, 17-39

Book Chapter

Feijó, Rui (2019), An Unfinished Journey: Timor-Leste's path to Democracy, in Andrew McWilliam & Michael Leach (org.), Routledge Handbook of Contemporary Timor-Leste. Abingdon: Routledge, 17-34

Book Chapter

Matos Viegas, Susana (2019), Funerary Posts and Christian CRosses: Fataluku cohabitations with Catholic missionaries after World War II, in Ricardo Roque & Elizabet G. Traube (org.), Crossing Histories and Ethnographies: following colonial historicities in Timor-Leste. Oxford & New York: Berghahn Books